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What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking allows you to perform various transactions on your computer from any location, as long as you have access to the Internet and a secure browser. Through Wayne Bank's Internet banking service, you can check account balances, review account transactions, transfer funds between your accounts, pay bills and stop payment on a check.

What are the features and services provided by Internet Banking?

  • Detailed transaction history for your Wayne Bank accounts.
  • Ability to update your profile information.
  • Ability to initiate immediate, future and recurring transfers between your Wayne Bank accounts.
  • Transfer money to another bank using account to account transfers within the bill pay function.
  • Options for immediate, future and recurring bill payments from your Wayne Bank transaction accounts.
  • Ability to export transaction information into .CSV.
  • Initiate or review the status of "stop payment" orders in your transaction accounts.
  • Order checks for your Wayne Bank transaction accounts.
  • Contact information for Wayne Bank customer service.
  • Send email alerts to your email address to track balances, deposits, etc.
  • Secure email service to customer service can be used to send correspondence containing sensitive account information.
  • eStatements.
  • eBills

When is Internet Banking open for business?

We're up when you are!

What steps do I take to begin using Internet Banking?

  1. To be a user, you need to have a checking, savings or loan account with Wayne Bank.
  2. Complete the fields on the New User page of this site. If you have used telephone banking, your password will be the same password you currently use for telephone banking. If you have not used telephone banking your password is the last four digits of your TIN.
  3. Business customers can request online access by contacting the bank and signing a form to request access

What is Telephone Banking?

Telephone Banking is an automated system which provides access to your account information from a touch-tone telephone.

What is the cost for Internet Banking and Telephone Banking?

Both are absolutely free account access services at Wayne Bank. We encourage you to use them and enjoy their convenience and efficiency. Of course, standard fees, such as for stop payments and return checks still apply.

How do I access the telephone banking service?

The telephone number for Telephone Banking is 1-877-WAYNEBK (1-877-929-6325).

Will I have access to all my accounts?

Currently, you can access your deposit accounts, consumer loan accounts, mortgage loans and lines of credit using either Internet Banking or the Telephone Banking access system.

What equipment/software do I need?

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet.  For details on supported Internet browsers, please click on

What do I do if I have trouble logging on to the Internet?

There are several possibilities. If you are having problems accessing any web site, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you can access other Web sites but not ours, then either the system is off-line for updating or we are experiencing a temporary disruption of service. Please try again in a few hours.

How secure is Internet Banking?

We protect your privacy in two ways. First, Internet Banking creates a secure connection between your browser and our secure server using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (see next question). The second means of protection is through the use of multiple-factor authentication techniques as prescribed by bank regulatory agencies. Multiple factor identification adds layers of authentication information in addition to user names and passwords and, in some cases, employs a physical device. Our layers of security include user ID, password, secret questions and answers, a device check, and a geographic location check. Our website also utilizes an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. The EV certificate allows you to visibly verify you are at our genuine website. The EV certificate turns the address bar green and will display Fiserv Inc.

What types of security measures are taken to prevent sensitive information from being intercepted online?

When logging onto Internet Banking, you enter our "secure server" area using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptography. SSL uses public key cryptography to secure transmissions over the Internet. When you are using Internet Banking, all information passing between your computer and our server is encrypted. Our security infrastructure has received the International Computer Security Agency's (ICSA) TruSecure Certification. Receipt of ICSA certification is equivalent to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and is the most comprehensive security audit available today.

What should I, the customer, do to provide security for my Internet Banking account?

You have your own set of responsibilities in providing security for your Internet bank account.

  • Keep all of your authentication information secret (this includes all levels). Be sure that you are not being observed as you enter information.
  • Take precautions to keep computers clean and free from viruses and other malware that could be used to capture your keystrokes.
  • When you are finished using Internet Banking, exit the system by logging off before closing your browser.

How do I know if my Internet Banking session is encrypted?

Different Internet Web browsers have different display methods for alerting you for when you have a secure, encrypted connection.  Please refer to each web browser's Help section for more information on understanding how to tell whether you are on a secure, encrypted web site.

What is encryption?

Encryption converts your data (all of it from account numbers to account balances) into a series of unrecognizable numbers before they are exchanged over the Internet. This series of numbers creates a mathematical lock; a lock for which only Wayne Bank and your browser have the key. Wayne Bank works with your Web browser to transform all banking requests into encrypted strings of data, and then back again to the original request. Each time a new online banking session is initiated, a new lock and key combination is randomly created.

If I forget my password or have been locked out of Internet Banking or Telephone Banking, how do I change it?

If you forget your password, you can click "Forget your Password" link on the Internet Banking login page. Then, you must complete the following steps:

  • Enter your access ID, last four digits of your tax ID number, and email address.
  • Answer the public records security questions.
  • Retrieve the temporary password from your email account.
  • Go back to homepage to log in again, enter your access ID.
  • Enter your temporary password from the email (or copy and paste password) and submit.
  • The change password page will display. Enter the temporary password provided in the email and enter a new password. Pick a new password you have not used before. The password must be 6-15 characters in length and contain one letter and one digit.
  • Next time you logon use your new password.

Alternatively, you can contact an Internet Banking customer service representative, who can reset your account password after you verify your information.

How much of my checking account history can I see with Internet Banking?

Approximately 15 months starting from the day you enroll in Internet Banking. Depending on the volume of activity in your account, you may see more or less information.

Can I download my account transaction history into other financial management software?

Yes, an export button is located on the Transactions page. It will process a .CSV file.

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?

Yes, transfers between checking and savings accounts, and from checking or savings to pay installment loans, mortgage loans and consumer credit lines can be made. However, banking regulations limit transfers from savings accounts to six per month.

What time is the deadline each day for completing funds transfers?

The deadline, or cutoff time, each day for funds transfers is 5:30 PM. Any transfers completed after 5:30 PM via electronic banking will not be posted to your accounts until the next business day's processing.

How do I terminate use of the Internet Banking service?

 To terminate access to Internet Banking, please call us at 800-598-5002, or send a secure message from within Internet Banking.

How do I contact the bank with questions I may have?

It's easy! You can:

  1. Click on "Contact Us" from within the Wayne Bank website
  2. Click on the "Secure Message" link within the Internet Banking website
  3. Call us at 1-800-598-5002
  4. Write us at Wayne Bank, PO Box 269, Honesdale PA 18431-0269

How do I use alerts?

Click on the messages - new from the list of accounts page. Select type of alert from the drop-down box and click next. Complete applicable fields and click submit.

Where can I change my secret questions and answers?

Click on the Options tab. From this page you can change your passwords, secret questions and answers. Click the edit button for the category you wish to change.