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What is Account to Account?

Account to Account allows you to transfer money back and forth between your Wayne Bank checking account(s) and your checking account(s) at other financial institutions.

How do I enroll for Account to Account?

To enroll in Wayne Bank's Account to Account service you will need a working Wayne Bank Internet Banking logon, a Wayne Bank checking account, and an account at another bank.

Logon to Internet Banking and click on the "Transfer Money" tab within Bill Payment. You must read and accept Wayne Bank's Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure Statement. Once you have accepted the agreement, you are enrolled and can begin using the Account to Account service.

How much does Account to Account cost?

The good news is that Account to Account is a free service.

How do I setup an Account to Account transfer?

  1. Your external account must be a checking account. Select the Bill Payment tab, then "Transfer Money" tab, then add an account link. Complete the Add Account page with the other financial institution's routing and account numbers. The external account must be a checking account.
  2. To confirm ownership and activate the external account, we will, in approximately two (2) business days, electronically send to your external account two (2) small deposits and one (1) withdrawal (equal to the deposits). Please contact your bank to determine the three (3) amounts that posted to your account. To finalize the process, return to Internet Banking, select the My Accounts tab and select Other Accounts. Enter the amounts of the three transactions.

How do I schedule an Account to Account transfer?

Single or recurring transfers can be scheduled. Click on "Schedule Transfer", select the "from" and "to" accounts, date, amount, and, if recurring, the frequency and number; then click "OK".

How long does it take for an Account to Account transfer to post?

Timing varies depending on the other financial institution. The debit should post to the sending account within two to three (2-3) business days after the "Transfer Date" and the funds should be in the destination account within four to six (4-6) business days after the "Transfer Date".

Are there any transfer limits?

Yes, limits are based on your credit score. Limits are established when your first transaction is scheduled.