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Wayne Bank Promotes Shopping Locally This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, which means that it’s time to prepare your list and get your shopping started. Wayne Bank would like to encourage you to shop locally. By supporting your local small businesses, you’ll be investing your money directly into your community.

Local businesses make the community a better place to live. Their earnings stay within the community and the wages they pay their employees provide the support needed for the local economy to thrive. By shopping locally, you can connect with your neighbors and be a part of something bigger.

“Our motto is ‘Helping the Community Grow’, but it’s more than just a slogan.” explains Tanyia Vannatta, Assistant Manager of Wayne Bank’s Honesdale Main Community Office. “Wayne Bank employees are passionate about supporting our local communities and small businesses. Here in Honesdale we regularly work with our neighboring businesses and organizations to support and promote each other. By working together, we can create positive change that will truly help our community to grow.”

Living in this area of the country makes it easy to “go local.” Our downtowns are full of wonderful shops, services, and restaurants. These locally owned and operated small businesses offer an extraordinary selection of gift items, often times locally made, that you will never find in a big box store. Another option is to give a gift card to a loved one so that they may enjoy a service, shopping, or dining out without having to travel far from home. Purchase a gift from one of your unique, local retailers and you will be giving a gift to your local community as well.

Wayne Bank is a subsidiary of Norwood Financial Corp., Member FDIC, and is located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The Bank has 26 Community Offices serving Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Lackawanna Counties in Pennsylvania, along with Delaware and Sullivan Counties in New York State. The stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol— NWFL.

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