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Wayne Bank Harnesses the Power of New Top Level Domains

Honesdale, PA –Wayne Bank is using new descriptive top level domains both to spark customer interest and as a way to make it easier for customers to connect with the Bank. Lewis J. Critelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Bank ( noted, “This opportunity capitalizes on the continued advancement of the Internet and mobile devices. Having web addresses such as gives the public an easy way to associate the Bank with communities we serve. Descriptive web addresses such as,, and make it easier to recall how to connect with key service representatives of Wayne Bank.”

Robert J. Mancuso, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Wayne Bank adds, “The new landscape of descriptive top level domains is another example of technology’s tendency for creative destruction. Significant capital has been spent garnering memorable dot com addresses or steering the public to dot com addresses through advertising. Now the web address itself can be a mnemonic device, easier to recall than a phone number.”

Wayne Bank is a subsidiary of Norwood Financial Corp., Member FDIC, and is located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The Bank has fifteen Community Offices in Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Lackawanna Counties. The stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol – NWFL.

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