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Employees Donate to Dessin

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For Immediate Release

Wayne Bank Employees Organize Fundraisers for Dessin Animal Shelter

Honesdale, PA – A few of Wayne Bank’s employees recently spearheaded two fundraisers in support of the Dessin Animal Shelter.  Kori Williams came up with the ideas for the fundraisers and Corissa O’Malley assisted her with the implementation.  The shelter recently received over 50 dogs on very short notice and the employees thought a few fundraisers to help them out would be a great idea and it certainly was a huge success!  One fundraiser was open to the public and many customers and non-customers came by to “Stuff the Basket for Dessin”.  All types of items were collected ranging from dog and cat food to towels, blankets, toys, shampoo and leashes, just to mention, a few of the types of items collected.  The outreach area included the Honesdale Community Office of Wayne Bank, along with the Willow Avenue Office, Waymart, and the Hawley Community Offices, so the donations came from a large area of Wayne County.  For the items donated by Wayne Bank’s audience, each person received an entry form for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Tractor Supply Company of Honesdale.

In addition, a second fundraiser was organized for employees of Wayne Bank along with the assistance of Tractor Supply Company in Honesdale who offered a 10% discount off any bag of dog food purchased by employees for the Dessin Shelter. This fundraiser was called, “Lending a Paw, Food Raiser”.  For each level of items purchased, the employees were given an entry form to enter a drawing to receive a paid day off complements of Wayne Bank.

According to Lew Critelli, President and CEO of Wayne Bank, “We are very proud of the employees who organized the fundraisers, and participated, as well as the generosity of our customers and the public who made the fundraisers a huge success!  The donations filled a van to capacity due to the generosity of so many good people in Wayne County and it was truly heart-warming.”

PHOTO CAPTIONS: Pictured in the photo are some of Wayne Bank’s employees who participated in the fundraiser.  Left to Right:  JoAnn Fuller, Operations Manager; Bill Lance, Chief Financial Officer; Ryan French, Human Resources Director; Barbara Williams, Electronic Banking Specialist, Corissa O’Malley, Administrative Assistant Specialist; Kori Williams, Loan Operations Representative and fundraiser organizer; Lew Critelli, President and CEO, and in front, Bonnie Taylor, Trust Administrative Assistant, who won the paid day off prize offered by Wayne Bank.

Pictured in the photo at Tractor Supply from Left to Right: Elwin Smith, Master Assembler, and Paul Weller, Receiving Manager, sitting in the forklift; with Melissa Rutledge, Team Member, and Patty Sobolak, Team Leader, all from Tractor Supply, with Diane Richter, Assistant Manager of the Willow Avenue Community Office of Wayne Bank, Dara Coslett Granza, Executive Director of The Olga and Dorothea Dessin Society, Corissa O’Malley, Administrative Assistant Specialist, and Kori Williams, Loan Operations Representative, both of Wayne Bank.

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